Among the changing trends and the current booming industries, here is a list of the most sought after jobs in 2021:

  • Hybrid Roles
    Companies are still trying to recover from the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This means they may not have a budget for many hires and will be looking for someone who can wear a lot of hats. Hybrid roles will be one of the best jobs for 2021, but you will need to be very dynamic and have very good technical skills and soft-skills. An example of a hybrid role would be an administrative assistant who also assists in Human Resources operations and tasks.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
    Companies need to increase their presence on online platforms. Because of this, they need more digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing specialists are similar to marketing professionals, except that their specialty is within online platforms like social media. To be successful you will need experience working in the digital space, social networking and general marketing expertise.
  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic designer will be one of the most sought after jobs in 2021. Companies will want to develop ambitious marketing campaigns and will need someone to visualize marketing concepts. If you are looking for a career that will allow you to express your creativity, then this is the job for you. To get the job done, you will need experience with illustration programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.
  • Marketing Strategy Manager
    Companies are looking to make a full comeback after the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why marketing strategists will be one of the most sought after jobs in 2021. In this role, you will mainly help companies navigate the field of marketing after the pandemic. The beauty of being a marketing consultant is that you can work for an agency or independent – the possibilities are endless. Companies tend to look for marketing strategists with at least a few years of experience, which may include working for an agency or in the marketing department for an individual company.
  • Data Analyst
    Now more than ever, companies are beginning to understand the importance of data. They want to know the client’s consumer behavior and then use this information to create useful, valuable marketing strategies. This includes data analysts. Their task will be to gather information from different spaces (online and offline) and then interpret patterns and trends. They will then give recommendations on how the company coils improve their business from analysis.

Other professions in high demand for 2021 will be:

  • IT
  • Programmer
  • Human Resource Management Specialists
  • Operational Manager

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