Information on Personal Data Protection for Applicants/ Candidates

DIMENSION, through this platform, ensures the security and confidentiality of your personal data during the candidate selection process.

Your personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of selecting the suitable candidate for the job position by the employer company.

Your personal data (in the capacity of a job candidate) will be processed in accordance with Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On the Protection of Personal Data,” as amended, and Directive No. 42, dated 22.07.2014, “On the processing of personal data of job candidates,” approved by the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Personal Data Protection, as well as the Internal Regulation for the protection of personal data (approved by DIMENSION). This is especially valid for the confidentiality and security of personal data.

Every candidate has the right to request the exercise of their legal rights regarding their personal data (the right of access, objection, correction, deletion, objection, etc.).

The data administered in your profile are not accessed by DIMENSION but only by the employer where you submit the application.

The data will be stored in the system as long as your profile is active. The profile will be active for 1 year from the last application made by you. So, if you do not submit any application for 1 (one) year, the profile will become inactive, and the data will be automatically deleted.

If the candidate has any questions regarding the processing of his/her personal data, he/ she should contact DIMENSION at the email address [email protected].

You can also request, through this contact, at any time that your data be deleted. More detailed information can be found in the “Privacy Policy” published on our website.

DIMENSION thanks you for your cooperation and aims to ensure that your personal data is treated with care and respect for your privacy.

Information on Personal Data Protection


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