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Who we are


DIMENSION is a consulting, training and implementation company in the field of Strategic Human Resource Management. The many years of experience of its staff is a potential at the service of organizations, companies, individuals in order to improve and consolidate the values and professional standards of the labor market and development in the country.

Mission & Vizion

To be a performance leader in the industry and a loyal and true partner of organizations, their use and helpers. To support companies to transform their business objectives into reality, by finding the best potential in the market and providing the best expertise on all human resource issues.


Services provided by DIMENSION

Staff Leasing

We make our team professionals available by offering customers maximum flexibility.

Training Programs

We are careful to provide and offer our clients, practices and training tailored to their needs and development.

HR Management (BPO)

The transfer of human resource functions to a company specializing in human resource issues is an important strategic initiative of companies.

Our history

Job Applications 15356+
Job Interviews 10254+
Vacant Positions 5607+
Clients, Businesses & Companies 1760+
Trained Individuals 2254+


Why should you choose DIMENSION


We demonstrate integrity by being fair, honest and confidential.

Customer Oriented

We understand the needs of our customers, realizing their expectations with quality and on time.


We support each other by building trusting relationships and long-term partnerships.


We work and maintain sound principles in relation to competitors, candidates and companies.


We are open to embrace new ideas and develop by following the innovations and best practices of HR management.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to creating a sustainable value in the labor market, for the benefit of employees and stakeholders.


Vacant positions

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