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Career choice is a process that every individual faces at a certain moment in their life, requiring a significant mobilization of resources. While such an approach may seem easy for some, for others, it can be delicate, and the challenges they may encounter vary greatly from one person to another.

Career counseling services aim to help individuals overcome such difficulties. In this context, the challenge for successful career counseling lies in quickly and systematically identifying the needs and difficulties individuals face during career decision-making.

Career counseling is supported by 4 Instruments: ADOR, VISA, CDDQ, and PGI

These tools serve as valuable resources in various aspects of career development, from assessing professional identity and decision-making difficulties to providing insights into personal interests and guiding individuals through the career orientation process.

ADOR: Request for Orientation Analysis

ADOR is a tool designed to help young individuals to identify their needs in the field of career counseling. The results obtained from the questionnaire assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of your career goals and objectives. They serve as a foundation for the professional career orientation process you will undergo with a career counselor. The information gathered from this questionnaire is the result of self-assessment conducted by the individual. Subsequently, the results require reflection and professional interpretation.

VISA: Professional Identity Status Assessment

VISA was developed as a tool to assess the original indicators of professional identity status. Its purpose is to aid in highlighting and guiding the needs of young individuals in career choices, while also supporting school psychologists, parents, and teachers in guiding and evaluating the profession’s choice and career path as an important process that requires special attention not only from these actors but, at the same time, from other central and local educational and economic institutions in the implementation of national policies.

CDDQ: Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire

The purpose of the questionnaire ‘Career Decision-Making Difficulties – CDDQ’ is to identify and focus on the difficulties individuals face when making a decision about their career.

Career decision-making, among the range of important life decisions, is one of the most crucial. Making such decisions is a complex process and a stressful and confusing experience. The decisions young people make about their careers have significant implications for their lifestyle and personal and professional satisfaction.

This instrument has been developed based on a theoretical taxonomy grounded in decision-making theory. The taxonomy aims to identify various categories of information/knowledge and difficulties.

PGI: Personal Globe Inventory

The Personal Globe Inventory, or PGI, has been designed to measure people’s interests in various activities and to help individuals connect these interests with important life decisions such as choosing a career or selecting a field of study. Additionally, PGI assesses and provides information about hobbies or other interests (beyond professional interest) that individuals may have and be motivated by. The goal of PGI is to provide individuals with a model to think about their personal interests and to compare how similar or different their individual interests are from those of other people.

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