Staff Leasing

Dimension brings the newest innovation to the Albanian market, in the format of Staff Leasing. These services consist of matching and making available on our part qualified professionals according to the needs of the clients.

They can engage in long-term or short-term contracts. Based on the Staff Leasing contract, their duties are determined by the client. This type of flexible engagement helps companies meet the growing demands for qualified professionals in administration or other sectors of society.

Dimension HR carries out:

  • Documentation of salary accounts for reporting purposes to the state institutions
  • Reporting to the client regarding payroll details
  • Periodic reporting of employee data

The advantages of this risk-free commitment are:

  • Reduction of staff costs
  • Flexibility in case of restructuring of the company, reallocation of personnel, etc
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Constant advice and support benefits regarding staff management dictated by the conditions of a dynamic and developing market

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