The Methodology

We use different methodologies In the recruitment of Human Resources, such as complete recruitment processes, head-hunting, market research, network, Dimension database, etc.

Recruitment requires a dedicated commitment and often companies do not have the expertise and time for this process. In order to avoid mistakes in recruitment, it is necessary for companies to address this process to recruitment companies.

A wrong recruitment costs the company, which is at least the gross salary of an employee x2, not counting the lost profit, etc.

“Head=Hunting” is the process of finding potential individuals for specific or leadership roles for a company, even if the individual is not looking for a new job.

It can often happen that companies keep the position confidential and refer you to recruitment companies for more in-depth market research.

The profiles of the candidates we recruit are:

  • Leader for high business levels
  • Heads of Departments
  • Specialists
  • Executives

How do we carry out a recruitment process at Dimension HR?

Knowing the company and assessing the needs
Searching and meeting with candidates
Evaluation and selection
Preparation of the shortlist of candidates
Finalization of the process
Responsibility for follow-up

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