Meeting the needs, desires and expectations of employees is not about a single thing a company says or does – and never has been.
It is about how the company engages and empowers individuals to do and be their best. According to Google and various studies in the field of Human Resources, these are the main trends of Human Resources 2021:

  • Remote work: Be prepared to be flexible with new changes, as very good time and process management skills are required.
  • Improved employee experiences: Talent retention requires ongoing training and improvement.
  • Diversity, inclusion, equality: Get ready to move forward – the new generations will not accept a status quo where equality is not the foundation.
  • Technology: Learning from technology equipment and artificial intelligence can guide employees throughout their careers, while modern HR tools motivate employees and are user-friendly.
  • Welfare: Mental and emotional well-being will become essential in the employee experience.
  • Goal-driven efforts: Employees want jobs that are personally rewarding. They expect their jobs to define their purpose.
  • Data as a manager: Regardless of whether we are talking about employee survey results or budget allocations, data should be a reliable source when it comes to decision making.

So where should Human Resource executives focus in 2021 as they steer organizations beyond any existing barriers?

  • Educating new employees to accelerate their productivity
  • Ensuring employees have access to relevant learning and development to drive their growth
  • Enabling significant manager training to increase performance
  • Increase motivation by getting to know employees
  • Keep in touch to see how employees feel.

Some ways to show appreciation:

  • Make it easy for people to interact and facilitate the work process by taking into account their situation.
  • Assess the emotional state of employees to understand the difficulties they face.
  • Bring to light information and opportunities that are specific to them, so that employees thrive amid uncertainty. Employee needs have not changed, they have simply evolved.

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