What is Strategic Human Resource Management?

Strategic Human Resource Management is part of the Strategic Plan of the company. The strategic plan consists of how a company plans to go from “Where we are” to “Where it should go”.

“Where we are ”includes internal analysis, in particular an analysis of the market, industry, competitors, resources, strengths and weaknesses, technology, economic factors, demographics, international influences and a large number of factors in others.

To determine “where we should go” and “when we should be there” is even more difficult because it seeks to determine and predict changes in all of these factors mentioned above.

HR Strategic Management includes human resource planning in the short, medium and long term plans in line with the company’s strategic plans.

What does the Strategic Human Resource Management System include?

To guarantee the realization of the strategic plan it is very important to have a complete HRM System including:

  • Human Resource Planning
  • Building the Organizational Structure
  • Determining the Hierarchy and Dependence of each Position in Society
  • Functions of Departments
  • Separation of Roles and Responsibilities of Job positions
  • Training and Development Strategies
  • Preparation of procedures for recruitment, training and development
  • Preparation of policies for performance management, employment practices and regulations
  • Preparation of procedures for personnel administration in accordance with applicable laws, as well as providing technical assistance to the company's management and executive staff

How can we improve “Strategic HR Management” if the above elements are notfully consolidated?

In companies that may partially have the above elements and want to improve employee productivity at work and have a consolidated HR system, consulting extends to the following points:

  • Process map analysis
  • Process re-engineering, division of roles and responsibilities between departments
  • Preparation of operational procedures of departments
  • Preparation of reporting formats to analyze the progress of processes
  • Preparation of the strategic plan of the company, division of performance objectives by departments
  • Preparation of processes to be targeted and performance objectives for each employee

What are the benefits of a consolidated Human Resource Management System?

Having a complete system increases the trust and value of the company in relation to employees and the market.

Professionals today increasingly seek to work in structured companies, which have clear schemes of work, development, compensations during the life cycle of the employee in the company. Consequently, professional staff add value and ensure the growth of the company’s profitability is one of the main goals.

  • Clear policies for HR management, recruitment, development, performance, etc
  • Appropriate decisions regarding the functions of the bnj and the employee
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Increase labor productivity
  • Calculation of objectives at the business, department and employee level
  • Increase the level of qualification

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