What is recruitment?

Recruitment is finding the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Recruitment requires a dedicated commitment to accomplish the above axiom and often times companies do not have enough expertise and time for this process. In order to avoid mistakes in recruitment, it is necessary for companies to address this process to recruitment companies.

In order to avoid mistakes in recruitment, it is necessary for companies to address this process to recruitment companies. An incorrect recruitment brings cost to the company which is the minimum gross salary of an employee x 2, not counting the missing profit etc.

How is a recruitment process carried out at Dimension HR?

Familiarity with the company and needs analysis

Our first meeting on the requirements of a new position, candidate profile, company culture and objectives closes with an agreement on the final specifications for the successful completion of the process.

Research and meeting with candidates

Due to the experience of our consultants, candidates value their knowledge and advice, which increases the opportunity to absorb the best talent for companies.

Evaluation and Selection

An in-depth competency interview followed by a further evaluation through references is the decisive factor for the evaluation made by our consultants before the list of selected candidates is presented to the company.

Final Recruitment

One of the critical points of the recruitment process is that the effort results in the actual employment of the candidate. Skills and experience in closing a job search process can make the difference between success and failure

Finalizing the process

Due to continuous contact with the candidates for each step of the search process, our consultants monitor and solve problems on the job or practical and personal aspects of the transition from one job to another at the moment arise, thus minimizing all the factors that can hindering the finalization of the process.

Responsibility for further follow-up

Our consultants systematically ensure that hired candidates have a positive impact that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We follow candidates and clients at regular intervals to check their performance and suitability.

The advantages of such a commitment are:

  • Reducing company costs to find potential candidates
  • Provide expertise in the field of recruitment: database, references, evaluations & testing, network of candidates, etc
  • Minimizing losses from wrong recruitments
  • Optimizing the time of finding candidates for employment
  • Opportunity to recruit talent in the market
  • Negotiations with potential candidates with better conditions for both parties

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