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Dimension facilitates the processes of the Human Resources department and finance offering “HR Bis” system. An integrated system that enables the management of Human Resources from Time Attendance to Wage Calculation.

This system also enables: declaration of start & end of work, schedule profiles, creation of personnel file, archiving of documents, calculation of annual leave, creation of managerial reports, forms for state institutions, etc.

The functionalities of HR System

  • Time Attendance: Records the daily presence of each employee through digital signs, cards or face recognition.
  • Managing Time Profiles: Division of working hours according to the days of the week based on the contract. Signaling for breach of contractual terms.
  • Annual Vacation Management: Calculation of mature and used vacations, annual leave register.
  • Payslip: Print all payroll details and send automatically by e-mail.
  • Menagerial Reports: Reports for entry and exit of personnel, reports on overtime, absenteeism, endryshme training, leaving employees to department costs etc.
  • HR BIS CLOCK Application: Enables declaration of start and end of work for field workers.
  • Personnel File: Division of employees according to the headquarters, departments, contractual records, personal, salary history and its changes, training and qualifications etc.
  • Payroll: Salary calculation according to Albanian fiscal legislation. Fixed monthly salary, hourly wage, daily wage, rate, etc.
  • Document Archiving: Enables archiving of documents such as CV, criminal record, contract, etc. Expiration management.
  • Declaration Forms: Any kind of form for state institutions.

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