What does Managing Human Resource Services through outsourcing mean?


The transfer of human resource functions to a company specializing in human resource issues is an important strategic initiative of companies.

This process helps them focus on key business issues, increase resource efficiency, provide advantages over human resource strategies, and improve services for their employees.

What are the reasons that make the transfer of these services necessary?

Large employee turnover is a high cost for businesses.

Consequently it is a great challenge for the HR department to design services that are similar to the competition. When employees change their employer, organizational human resource practices for personalized services give way to standardized services. Employees are increasingly looking to work in companies that have established the basis of HR Management system and standards.

The power of the unique work culture in the company is very important to keep and motivate existing employees as well as to attract potential talents from the labor market.

Faced impoverishing stock of talent, a growing number of companies are trying to compare their HR practices competition to compete with them in terms of compensation levels for both the workforce and in terms of labor productivity.

The need to use automated HR management systems is becoming a necessary practice in businesses, for the most productive management of HR.

Dimension through its assets, can generate such standardized services and offer the most efficient way for businesses: recruitment and selection, payroll management and compensation, staff training, employee benefits and services, performance evaluation etc. what are examples of such functions.

According to the needs of the clients, Dimension can provide outsourcing service for the following processes:

  • Administration of individual employment contracts
  • Recruitment processes, hiring and firing, various problems in the employment relationship with the employee
  • Work time management (regulations, forms of control, holidays, public holidays, etc)
  • Preparation of performance targets for each employee
  • Measuring employee performance
  • Preparation and wage policy and pursuing their levels
  • Preparation of payroll
  • Support for Heads of HR Departments
  • Identify training needs
  • Training planning
  • Hr budget planning (salaries, allowances, training, other expenses)
  • Following the policy of remunerations and compensations
  • Analysis of low performance employees
  • Following the promotion policy
  • Other issues related to HR according to the problems that the client has

Advantages of service transfer commitment at Dimension:

  • It frees your employees from many administrative processes by having more opportunities to focus on the main objectives of your business.
  • Cost reduction, thanks to an optimized HR process.
  • Calculation of mature and used vacations, annual leave register.
  • Provides modern HR management with the latest methodologies aimed at increasing the efficiency and productivity of employees
  • Compliance with the legal basis of employment is ensured.
  • Your HR team may be reduced or functions that are often performed by the Department of Finance may be transferred focusing on the tasks and responsibilities that these departments should cover.
  • Providing HR expertise facilitates decision-making in the areas of organization, management, and leadership.
  • Consolidation of work culture which is the necessary infrastructure where the standards, rules and policies for the recruitment, development and administration of HR are defined.

Dimension covers the full scope of the human resource transfer process. We are here to help. Our services are flexible and adapted to the needs of the business. Our work dynamics aim to respond to the needs and dynamics of your business. Our work and services are client-centered.

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