What does it mean to find an executive?

It is the process of finding potential individuals for specific or managerial roles for a company even if the individual is not looking for a new job.

It can often happen that companies have a confidential position and turn to recruitment companies for more in-depth market research.

Several resources can be used to find them:
  • social networks for professionals
  • Search our network created with professionals in various fields
  • recommendations from individuals who are part of our network
  • publications addressed to our marketing channels and official employment sites, etc
  • Searching the competitors of the industry where the company operates

How can it be performed?

Once these individuals are identified, a careful and professional communication path is created to involve them in the recruitment process. From the situation in which the market evolves there are cases that individuals have an interest in getting involved and there are cases not.

When individuals want to get involved, our consultants are careful about providing the necessary information about the position, about the company, listening to the candidate’s experiences, his expectations, discussing position details, company expectations for the position profile, etc. A detailed analysis and evaluation of which candidates will be presented to the company is then made.

Our goal in this process is not only to find a potential candidate for the company but also a more professional approach for both parties, building a relationship of integrity with both the candidate and the client. Often times our involvement goes as far as the negotiation process with the candidate while maintaining a balance of company requirements but also candidate expectations.

The confidentiality of the candidates’ involvement accompanies the process and is an important element of maintaining the most correct relationship with them.

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