What are the accounting services that Dimension offers?

In a dynamic environment where the market is changing rapidly, your business needs more and more real-time and quality information for you to make the right decisions. For this purpose we come to your aid with the accounting services:

  • Accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Financial planning

You need to have a better understanding to the field of taxation which operate, in order to optimize tax payments and to ensure full compliance with the law.

What are the tax services and the legal tax base that Dimension provides?

Tax related services such as:
  • Calculation and declaration of tax returns
  • Control, reconciliation of accounting data with the data declared to the tax authorities
  • Drafting of Statutory Financial Statements
Services related to the legal tax base:
  • Advising on tax laws at the request of the client
  • Identifying and mitigating tax risks and identifying opportunities for tax improvement
  • Settlement of tax disputes

What is the assistance that Dimension offers in the field of "Financial Consulting and Administration"?

Every business in certain phases of their development needs the support of financial experts in order management processes go step with business expansion. For this our experts able to help you with the services below:

  • Developing procedures and models that can be applied in such a way that the controlled and properly managed financial and investment activity
  • Assist client to draft a package of financial reporting and the reporting schedule
  • Training and other guidance to have made it possible for staff engaged in financial management to be effective and achieve efficiencies
  • Assist the client to create the organizational structure and financial functions properly
  • Other issues related to HRM according to the problems that the client has

Services for wages

Dimension offers services for calculating the salaries of employees to declare any size company sector offering accuracy and compliance with the law:

  • Document salaries for reporting purposes in state institutions
  • Reporting to the client regarding salary details
  • Periodic reporting of employee data

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