What accounting services does Dimension offer?

In a dynamic environment where the market is changing rapidly, your business needs more and more real-time and quality information for you to make the right decisions. For this purpose we come to your aid with the accounting services:

  • Accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Financial planning
  • Calculation and declaration of tax returns
  • Control, reconciliation of accounting data with the data declared in the tax authorities

We provide you with a good understanding of the taxes of the field in which you operate, in order to optimize the payment of taxes and ensure full compliance with the law.

What services Dimension offers on the legal tax area?

Dimension offers services for calculating the salaries of employees to declare any size company sector offering accuracy and compliance with the law:

  • Creation of commercial companies and following procedures with the National Business Center
  • Financial services through Outsourcing
  • Audit Services
  • Tax services, consulting and training

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