Duration: 6 Hours

Training participants: Representatives of each service company client. All employees in the sales, marketing or customer relations sector.

Number of participants: Depending on customer requirements

The training “Selling Techniques” is designed for employees to gain more skills in the realization of the sales process. Through this training the sales staff gaining proficiency in creating a “long-term relations” with clients, hospitality and courtesy to customers who visit points of sale, identifying and covering the needs of customers, recognition of customer typology, the typology communication different clients etc.

Training Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Be the most reliable point of contact for customers and the best alternative as ambassadors and brand representatives
  • Have professional ethics in communication
  • Get acquainted with the most efficient ways to identify customer needs
  • Introduce the company’s products impressively
  • Address any customer dilemmas with basic arguments
  • Suggest additional sales. etc

Summary of Topics

  • Modul 1: Hospitality
  • Modul 2: Understand / Discover Customer Needs
  • Modul 3: Offer, “encourage more”, demonstrate, explain the benefits
  • Modul 4: Handle objections, complaints
  • Modul 5: Successful Sales Closing
  • Modul 6: Cross Sales
  • Modul 7: Expressing gratitude / Cortesy

Sales Techniques


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