Duration: 2 Days

Training participants: Employees of all departments, especially those departments dealing with the use of Excel as departments of sales, accounting, logistics, HR, in order to be useful in data processing and reporting. Familiarity with advanced Excel functions facilitates data processing and enables the preparation of reports and analyzes in a more efficient time.

Number of participants: Depending on customer requirements.

This module provides users with the necessary knowledge to use the most complex and advanced functions in Excel. It helps in performing faster analyzes and tracing the origin of the data used.

Discipline the data according to your criteria and automatically record the values you are looking for. All this in much less time.

Training Objectives

By the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Import, export and link data
  • Make use of pages prepared by the program itself
  • Perform conditional formatting
  • Work with “workbooks” and work on “workbooks” built by others

Summary of Topics

  • Modul 1: Excel Analysis Module
  • Modul 2: Data Tables
  • Modul 3: Contouring
  • Modul 4: Analysis of summary data (Pivot)
  • Modul 5: Macro

EXCEL – Advanced Level


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