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Manpower planning

Manpower planning

Dramatic Cost Reduction and Value Creation for your business using the Workforce Planning Maturity Model


Have you ever experience any of the following?

  • Unable to justify your HR Budget?
  • Unable to justify recruitment requirements?
  • Unable to justify reasons to approve and disapprove new headcounts?
  • Been in a scenarion where you have more people than your business needs or vice versa?
  • Labour market does not offer the number and competency of talent at the time you need them?
  • Unable to deal with fluctuating demands or changing scenarios for your business?
  • Wondering other ways of improving productivity besides people and adding more headcounts?
  • Considered you or HR creating value for your business by becoming a value center rather than a cost center?

If any of these questions is a YES to you, then this workshop is the right choice for you. This unique course provides you with the tools and methods to achieve a level five of workforce planning. Enabling you to achieve an accurate forecast, incorporate different scenarios and fluctuating demands in your workforce plan, challenge norms and patterns that adversely affect your business, look beyond people by making use of innovation, problem solving, process re-engineering and automation to create value for your business, as well as ways and methods to institutionalize the workforce planning knowledge for your business.



By the end of this workshop you will be able to learn how to:


  • List and select the appropriate methods in workforce planning for your business.
  • Understand the workforce maturity index building blocks and assess your personal and organizational level of maturity as well as identify the gaps for improvement to ensure optimal maturity.
  • List and apply demand forecasting tools as well as supply matching mechanisms for your workforce plan.
  • Dealing with mismatch between supply and demand, and appropriate strategies to ensure optimal workforce level.
  • Identify and build different scenarios for your business, and fluctuating demands of your operations and determining the changes in your workforce plan.
  • Transform your role from HR planner to strategic partner of your business by adding value to your business through challenging the norms or patterns affecting your business.
  • Build value for your business by looking beyond people and using innovation, problem solving, technology and process re-engineering to build value for your business.
  • How to promote and sustain institutionalization of workforce planning practices for your business.

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