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Dimension's aim is to help companies with the necessary tools to increase their productivity and profitability with the lowest possible costs, as fast as possible”- a service that is delivered through a full package of consultancy, training, software, coaching and implementation.

Three of the packages that increase efficiency and productivity in human resources management are: COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT, PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT , LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT.

      • COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT consists in creating a system of competencies in an organization, which is a very important process related to the whole cycle of employees.
        Having a system of clear competencies is linked with the job grades, salary grades, performance management, talent management, succession planning, administration process etc. The platform of this system provides an analytical and detailed process of online assessment, which is a transparent process. The general and the technical profile of the candidates are assessed as well as their compatibility with the company’s culture. In this way, the accuracy of employees’ recruitment regarding the suitability of the candidates with the required criteria is increased by 85%.
      • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT consists in performance management through the preparation of policies for creating a high performing culture in organizations, identifying low performance and necessary measures to reduce its respective costs. It uses different methodologies and evaluation frequencies for different job positions. In addition, the system facilitates the calibration process between the corporate performance index and the employee performance index. Businesses waste huge amounts of money if they do not measure the employees’ performance because they continue investing in non-performing people. But what happens if this is measured annually or simply formally and employees fail to perform in the required level? This costs the company a lot in terms of profitability and not only.
      • LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT, enables the creation of a learning culture in organizations, utilizing different learning methodologies. The E-Learning platform offers a full view of all learning activities and learning interventions, in all the layers of the company. Blended learning has proved to be particularly effective for companies and busy employees.

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